Well, what a week it’s been in politics!

Well, what a week it’s been in politics and not just in the UK, so far!

The High Court

First we’ve had the High Court Ruling, led by Gina Miller and her hedge fund millionaire husband, where 3 Blairite judges, with links to or sympathising with the European Union, ruled that the will of the people had to be subservient to a further vote by MPs in the House of Commons.  That’s being overruled by 650 MPs, who voted to Remain in the EU by a majority of at least 2 to 1.

The next line-up of judges in the Supreme Court is reported to be a similar EU-favouring array.  The establishment is trying every dirty trick in the book to deny the will of the people, despite:

  • the fact the referendum was agreed by Parliament by 6 to 1 and enshrined in an Act
  • there is a valid and binding contract to implement what we decided in the booklet they sent us before the referendum took place
  • it was the largest ever democratic vote for anything in the history of the UK democratic system

Theresa May has said she will still deliver Brexit.  If she’d done her job and repealed the 1972 European Communities Act instead of swanning around Europe and Scotland and then sitting on her hands, we would not have been in this ridiculous constitutional mess.

The Clinton E-mail Scandal

Next we have the Hillary Clinton E-mail scandal, still rumbling on just 2 days before the US General Election.

James Comey, the FBI Director in charge of effectively shutting down the investigation after what looked like a complete whitewash, was shunned by his staff  and had piles of mounting resignations on his desk.  After finding 650,000 e-mails on a laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner, husband of Clinton’s right hand woman Huma Abedin, the case is hurriedly re-opened.

8 days later, FBI Director Comey announces ‘nothing to see here’ and expects the American people to believe it took them a year to go through about 40,000 e-mails then 8 days to conclude there was nothing to warrant a criminal investigation in the 650,000 they suddenly uncovered.

Donald Trump might not be the world’s greatest candidate for president, but clearly, judging by the crowds he’s pulling for his rallies, he speaks for the ordinary, patriotic American.  They appear to be as fed up with the establishment and the corruption, vast sums of money and nepotism that goes with it as we are.

Angela Merkel’s U-Turn on migrants

Angela Merkel’s popularity has plummeted with the German people.  So, desperate to be re-elected after the migrant chaos in Germany in the last 2 years, Angela Merkel has told her authorities to ‘turn them away’.

Over 1 million migrants arrived in Germany in just over 1 year without being in any way properly vetted, and caused a huge drain on the German economy and an epidemic of sex attacks.  Even the existing long settled immigrants, especially the Turkish community, started complaining.

Even if migration was stopped today, the problems imported by Angela Merkel are not going to go away for the German people.  One can only hope the German people see through this cynical ploy to be re-elected, as once back in power, it will undoubtedly be no time at all before the leopard reveals its spots once again.

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