Donald Trump sweeps the Republicans to victory in the US elections!

donald_trumpDonald Trump has swept to victory in the US elections despite all the media pundits and the polls trying to tell the American people he was never going to win. The size of the rallies he was pulling in should have told them something.

Against a backdrop of the Clinton Foundation  and e-mail investigations, the increasing tensions being caused with Russia, the ridiculous hikes in healthcare premiums, needless overseas wars, job losses and the inner city poverty, Trump’s appeal of  bringing the focus back to their homeland rang true with the ordinary American people.

The result was first ‘called’ by an independent media group early this morning.  Fox News and CNN followed suit about 2 hours later.  Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump and formally conceded defeat just after this.

Current results at time of press show Trump’s Republican Party now control both the Congress (equivalent to our House of Commons) and the Senate.

Results – not final, shows this:

  • Congress – Trump on 276 seats and Clinton on 218, with Michigan, New Hampshire, Alaska and Arizona showing Trump leading and expected to declare for Trump soon.  Needed 270 to win.
  • Senate – 51 to 47 seats.  Trump needed 51 to win.
  • House of representatives – Trump won 236 seats and Clinton 191.  Trump needed 218 to win a majority.

This is a victory for the ordinary American people over the political and media establishment and the globalists who run the world through the Bilderberg Group.  (If you’ve never heard of the Bilderberg Group, it started in 1954.  It is a secretive group of the world ‘elite’ and you will now find plenty about it on Google, but not plenty about what it discusses because minutes are never published).

It’s also a victory for the countries in the EU whose citizens want to leave this crumbling and failed political organisation (and would be federal Pan-European state).  This should embolden any of them who finally see the world’s mood is changing and this is their chance to escape.  Next stop on this train is the Austrian general election on December 4th – which the right wing candidate Norbert Hofer is tipped to win, partly as a result of the EU’s continuing fiasco over illegal migrants.

Donald Trump has said he will get along with any country that wants to get along with America.  Which we hope means a far better relationship with Russia.  It should also serve to start untangling America from the mess the Obama and Bush administrations got themselves into in the Middle East.  Perhaps now Russia and America can unite in the fight against ISIS and stem the refugee flows from Syria.  Perhaps Donald Trump will halt the phoney wars instigated by the previous administrations over oil supplies and trying to install puppet governments across the world.

But more importantly, for the American people this means a focus on their homeland and the issues they have failed to have heard, let alone dealt with, under the Obama administration. We wish them every success in Making America Great Again.


2 thoughts on “Donald Trump sweeps the Republicans to victory in the US elections!

  • Donald Trump will make a good President. He calls a spade a spade. Unlike the regular politicians, what you see is what you get with Donald. He is not afraid of the truth and speaks it, even though many deride him for it. They hate the truth. He loves his country and wants the best he can attain for it, just like us Brexit patriots. He is not a warmonger, like so many politicians on both sides of the Atlantic. I am truly glad that he won.


  • It seems the whole world has given a huge sigh of relief. Clinton would have stared world war 3 no questions asked!
    God has been merciful not just to America but the people of every nation on earth. Hallelujah!


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