Copeland MP Jamie Reed confirms he will uphold the Brexit vote

I recently wrote to Jamie Reed MP asking him for his position regarding Brexit, seeing as he had been a Remain MP.

He replied that as soon as the vote was known, he pledged to work night and day to ensure that the plans for our area continue and that our prosperity is secured. He further said he would be holding the leave campaign to account for their promise of an extra £350bn per week for the NHS, ensuring that we continue to attract transformative investments to West Cumbria, and supporting constituents as we move forward.

I do not support any moves to undermine the result of the referendum by opposing the result in Parliament, and so I will be voting to trigger Article 50.

This is heartening to hear considering that Copeland was a massive 60% in favour of Brexit.  However on one point he has greatly misunderstood the role of the Leave campaign.

Therefore, this was part of my response:

” I’d just like to make one key point – the Vote Leave campaign never promised to spend the £350 million this and every other government has wasted per day on the EU on the NHS. They used the NHS as an example of what the money could be spent on.

As the Leave campaign was not and never would be the government, which is now under the unelected disaster that is Theresa May, then it was never going to be in control of what the government did following the vote. Therefore whatever the campaign said, you cannot hold it to account because the decision on what to do following the vote was not theirs to make. Their role was to campaign for leaving. Furthermore ‘the government’ campaigned to Remain in the EU so any broken promises are their fault.

David Cameron and now Theresa May have continued to cut and privatise NHS services. I won’t even begin to criticise their appalling performance since the referendum on any number of issues including Brexit. Theresa May simply twiddled her thumbs waiting for the establishment to issue its challenge to the will of the people so she could argue it wasn’t her fault when things went wrong. Much like the excuses she made in the Home Office which was a disaster under her for 6 years and continues to be a disaster under the hapless numtpy that is Amber Rudd.”

I went on to explain to Jamie Reed how Article 50 is a complete red herring that we do not even need. This information will be posted separately for anyone who does not understand what a waste of time and effort Article 50 was designed to be.



One thought on “Copeland MP Jamie Reed confirms he will uphold the Brexit vote

  • Since we were duped and betrayed into the so-called Common Market, which led to the appalling EU, our being in the EU is Illegal. We should just GET OUT and then negotiate our terms. There is also an Alternative to Article 50, introduce a Bill to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and ALL its amendments. Or, we can refuse to invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, for final exit and use VIENNA convention on the Law of Treaties to take Britain out of the EU now! Theresa May is not interested in getting us out of the EU, she is pulling the same stunt she used when she was Home secretary for several years. Talk, talk and more talk while migrants poured in, all the time pretending to keep a cap on the influx. The PM and most of the Conservatives do not want BREXIT, it is to their interest to destroy it. The writing is on the wall.


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