UKIP Leadership candidate John Rees-Evans visits Cumbria this week

John Rees-Evans has been involved in the Welsh arm of UKIP for some time, working behind the scenes and producing many of their party political broadcasts.  He is here in Cumbria on Friday 18th November. John is a former Parachute Regiment soldier from a fairly normal family background.  He john-rees-evanshas lived and worked all over the world and one of his interests is his company Team Kilimanjaro which runs climbing expeditions.  He resides in the Rhondda with his wife and children.

John believes in giving power to UKIP membership through direct democracy – harnessing the members to drive and approve policies for UKIP, rather than have the leadership dictate to us what policies they want.

As well as supporting all the key UKIP manifesto policies, he also believes passionately in free speech, liberty of conscience and vastly reducing the power of the controlling nanny state.

He recognised that the organised hustings was not going to areas that he wanted to reach, which is why he has organised his own tour.

18th November 2pm – Leadership candidate John Rees-Evans will be at the Lifeboat in Maryport, postcode CA15 6AB (down by the harbour) starting at at 2pm on Friday 18th November.    Please try and get there – all supporters and members welcome.   Phone number is 07825 085511.

18th November 7pm – Houghton Village Hall, Houghton, Carlisle CA3 0NW – doors open 6.30pm for a 7pm start.

Find out more about John here

One thought on “UKIP Leadership candidate John Rees-Evans visits Cumbria this week

  • John gave us in Maryport a very clear idea of what Direct Democracy will look like. If UKIP can pull off this amazing victory we in this nation will be the first to experience politics by the People for the People. We need a political Revolution and UKIP is the only Party willing and able to introduce this.
    If John isn’t vote into leadership I will seriously be considering if I want to remain in the Party.


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