Supreme Court judge says the Brexit vote is not legally binding

The name of the Supreme Court Judge that has openly said the Referendum vote is not legally binding is BARONESS HALE.

 She discussed the topic at a dinner in Malaysia.  It has been all over the press.
Now when David Cameron’s government proposed the referendum, the MPs in the House of Commons voted by a majority of 6 to 1 to give the decision on leaving or remaining in the EU to the UK people.  They voted to introduce a Referendum Bill giving the UK public the opportunity to vote – so this opportunity was enshrined in law.
No person’s vote was more important than anyone else’s – or so it seemed.
However, those people who do not wish us to leave the EU, including europhile High Court judges, Supreme Court judges, the mainstream UK (establishment-controlled) media, Tim Farron, Nick Clegg and many members of the House of Commons and House of Lords, are now arguing the referendum was advisory.  That’s because they are anti-democracy and believe that by virtue of their position and title their view counts for more than other peoples’.
Voting 6 to 1 to give the vote to the UK public and enshrining that in a Referendum Bill is not ‘advisory’.
Turning now to the question of Baroness Hale herself…..  The Government can and should now insist on a new panel of Supreme Court Judges.  Baroness Hale clearly has a conflict of interest as her statements show she has already taken a partisan stance.  She must be removed from the panel.
Every Supreme Court judge should be vetted for any affiliations to any europhile or europhobe group and be scrutinised on their publicly expressed views.  Only judges who can be shown to be as impartial as possible should be appointed to the panel.
Failure to remove Baroness Hale and install a properly vetted panel which is as impartial as possible indicates clearly that the establishment will take every opportunity to thwart Brexit.  if Theresa May does not push for a completely new Supreme Court panel to hear the court case on triggering Article 50, then she and her government do not want Brexit to go ahead in the form which the UK public voted for, or possibly at all.

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