The NEC election – deadline Friday 25th November

By now, everyone should have their ballot papers for the NEC (National Executive Committee) and Leader. If you don’t, please get in touch with UKIP Head Office and tell them.

The appalling treatment of Steven Woolfe has this year galvanised a huge number of people to stand for election.  So how are you supposed to sift the people to vote for?

If you want to know Nigel Farage’s view, he gave you all a little hint in Independence Magazine:

” A strong and organised UKIP is vital to ensure that 17.4 million voters have their views ultimately respected. I would be the first to say that the party needs significant reform.” – Nigel Farage

With that in mind, here is a list of what appear to be good candidates (not in any order) based on their expressed commitment to grassroots voices, direct democracy and reform.

  • David Walker (Cumbria)
  • Fiona Mills (Cumbria)
  • Richard Bingley
  • Alan Craig
  • Katie Fanning
  • George Konstantinidis
  • Alan Love
  • Mick McGough
  • Paul Oakley
  • Anish Patel
  • Allan White
  • Ryan Waters
  • Chris Mendes
  • Kim Rose
  • John Gurney
  • Jim Saunders
  • Kalvin Chapman
  • Harry Cottam
  • Nathan Garbutt
  • Seamus Martin
  • Nigel Sussman
  • Patrick Wylde

‘Our David’ is getting support from quite a few people on Facebook who have never met him but like the cut of his jib!

Raheem Kassam (Breitbart journalist/editor and former aide to Nigel Farage) also has his own favourites.  These are Alan Craig,  Katie Fanning, George Konstantinidis, Alan Love, Mick McGough,  Anish Patel and Ryan Waters.

Those of you with access to Facebook and Twitter should be able to find out more about ALL these candidates listed via their profiles and their own websites.

This should be a time for change and regrouping within UKIP. There is a general election to prepare for in 2020 (if not before). The ballot for NEC and for leader is more of a referendum about UKIP should look, feel, behave and grow as a political party than a simple contest for a party leader and a few seats on a governing body.

The best advice to you all is – use ALL your 7 votes, and pick the people who resonate with you best at a ‘gut feeling’ level.

And make sure you get your NEC voting slip in the right envelope!  (It’s the one for the Cedar Group)

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