John Rees-Evans is ‘uninvited’ from the Sunday Politics show live debate

John Rees-Evans  was ‘uninvited’ from The Sunday politics programme live leadership debate broadcast, apparently because Paul Nuttall and Suzanne Evans didn’t want him to debate them.

If this is true, then anyone that prevents other candidates from speaking or sets out to deliberately exclude them from what’s going on is being unfair and NOT displaying suitable leadership qualities.  The BBC likewise show their bias yet again by excluding the candidate whose face doesn’t fit – doesn’t fit either their world view or it would appear that of the ‘establishment’ within UKIP.

Nigel Farage has had to deal with this establishment prejudice for 25 years, and he is still out there doing his thing.  He’s unafraid to debate anyone and in fact he relishes the opportunity to give them a bloody nose.  That’s what the rough and tumble of leadership is all about – not shutting down or shutting out dissenting voices because they happen to be difficult or different.  The way to grow as an organisation is to hear and listen to those dissenting voices and alternative points of view.  You don’t have to take them all on board but you should at least give them a fair hearing.

Here is the Facebook livestream video from this morning when John Rees-Evans was excluded from the live debate. He apparently arrived in Cardiff to speak this afternoon still very angry from the morning’s events, and so he should be.

Whether  John is or isn’t a better candidate is not the point.  The point is being given fair and equal treatment – by everyone.


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