Brexit means Brexit, unless you’re Theresa May, in which case it doesn’t.

theresa-mayHave we got Brexit deja vu yet?

Promises of ‘Brexit means Brexit’, followed by ridiculous court cases that are still ongoing, followed by more platitudes from Theresa May, and where have we got in 5 months?

Nowhere.  Precisely where we got with her as Home Secretary for 6 years.  More abject failures than successes – such as the unlawful cancelling of a Home Office contract which cost the taxpayer £224 million, and total failure to progress the Westminster paedophile enquiry.

Now this unelected prime minister has come under fire yet again after refusing to rule out an extension to EU negotiations.  An extension that would see the UK remain within the European Union beyond 2019 at a continuing cost of £12 billion per year – that we BORROW to pay them!

Theresa May and her Cabinet, not to mention the rest of the government, are dragging their heels again on Brexit and did we seriously expect anything else?  Leave.EU Co-Founder, Richard Tice said:

“A transitional deal will fuel more uncertainty and leave Britain in limbo. British voters have made it clear that they want to leave the EU and the Government must deliver on this in full and at the soonest opportunity – two years after triggering Article 50, or sooner if the EU fails to negotiate.”

Even Richard is being far too kind.

It’s simple. Repeal 1972 European Communities Act, leave immediately and stop paying.  Then the EU can decide if it still wants free trade with US.

Every time Theresa May opens her mouth, words fall out which are, quite frankly, absolute rubbish. She thinks we are all stupid enough to fall for it.

This is why UKIP must continue, why we must get behind whichever new leader we have and turn our fire on the enemy. Because we are up against a formidable enemy and it governs this country.

Because Theresa May will never, ever, ever, remove us from the EU. If she does it will be an epic fail which betrays the Brexit vote.

Brexit means Brexit, unless you’re Theresa May.


One thought on “Brexit means Brexit, unless you’re Theresa May, in which case it doesn’t.

  • Does anyone still trust Theresa May? After her useless 7 years as Home Secretary, now the same uselessness in dealing with BREXIT, I would be very surprised if anyone on Earth believes in or trusts her.


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