UKIP Leadership – Final advice: Make YOUR mark this week.

hand-signingThe UKIP Leadership (and NEC) deadline is Friday 25th November.  You only have 4 days to get your voting slips in the post.  Don’t leave it too late and lose your voice.

If you’re still undecided, here are some pointers and questions which might help:

  1. UKIP was never the party of the establishment or afraid to challenge the establishment. How much do you want to see UKIP continuing this tradition?
  2. Nigel Farage’s opinion is that UKIP needs significant reform.  Are you happy with things in UKIP the way they are?  Or are you for change, and if so, how much?
  3. UKIP has branch, county, regional and HQ structures.  Is this suitable for a party of UKIP’s size? Do you think the current structures in UKIP serve you well, or not?
  4. Current policy making is often top down and done at the centre like other political parties.  Are you happy that this is the way things are shaped, or do you want members to have far more say?
  5. There has been talk about continuing Nigel Farage’s legacy. Is there such a thing, and are you bothered about it?  Or does it not matter as long as UKIP continues to exist?

Two further things to consider:

Nigel Farage in the UK, Donald Trump in America, Geert Wilders and the Dutch Freedom Party, Marine Le Pen and Front Nationale in France, the AfD in Germany, Five Star in Italy, Norbert Hofer and the Freedom Party of Austria, the Brexit campaign….. were and are all vilified by people and organisations that normally would be knocking lumps out of one another instead.  The party, candidate or issue ‘the establishment’ unites in condemning and squeezes out of the picture is usually the one they are truly afraid of.

Vote with your heart.  It really is the only voice that counts.  No amount of analysing and deliberating will in itself produce the right answer. You simply have to be true to your inner voice and which candidate speaks to that the most.

And three pieces of advice:

  1. Get your voting slips in the right envelope,
  2. Get your vote in on time,
  3. Whoever wins the leadership contest, get behind them.

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