119,000 illegal migrants ‘gone missing’ is probably a huge underestimate!

If the Home Office’s incompetence is as bad as we suspect, it will be a lot more than 119,000 illegal immigrants that have disappeared or been unaccounted for.

The official statistics for this country’s population is 65 million. The TESCO supermarket Chief Exec said, before the referendum, that the volume of food we sell here indicates the population is 77-80 million.  So where have the extra 13-15 million come from exactly?

The Home Office’s system for counting inflows and outflows from this country is flawed and completely useless for recording migrants.  They use a ‘passenger’ survey which was never designed to monitor the migrant / immigrant flows we are experiencing today.  It might have worked when our net migration was neutral or say under 50,000.  However, there is no way it will be remotely accurate when net migration is over 300,000 and figures showed over 600,000 new National Insurance numbers were registered to incomers in 2015. That’s adding the population of Doncaster every 12 months.

Over 6 months ago the head of the Office for National statistics admitted that they and the government had “no idea” of the number of people entering the UK.

Added to this as a result of Theresa May’s cuts when she was leading the Home Office, we have just 3 ships patrolling UK waters and a vastly reduced Border Force.  So whatever numbers are actually caught, you can bet there are a lot more who aren’t.

If 119,000 is what the Home Office will admit to, then what is the real number?

And needless to say while we are still in the EU due to Theresa May’s lack of action, the situation will only get worse…..


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