Arron Banks new project is Direct Democracy and ‘draining the Westminster swamp’

Arron Banks, the former main UKIP donor, has set out his vision for a new political campaign to drain the MP swamp. He wants to start by removing ‘the 200 most corrupt MPs’.

arron-banksLast week he launched an attack on corrupt MPs after the appointment of Keith Vaz to the Justice Select Committee and stated he wanted to start by targeting the 200 most corrupt.  Keith Vaz resigned from the Home Affairs committee in September after revelations that he had 2 male escorts to his London flat. However over 150 Conservative MPs were instrumental in voting him onto the Justice Committee just 2 months later.

This week Arron has outlined his vision for giving power back to the people in a political movement for direct democracy, targeting ‘Remain’ MPs who are going against their electorate’s wishes over Brexit.  And targeting those who have openly declared that they think the public is effectively too stupid to know what it voted for.  Such MPs include Owen Smith, Tim Farron, Nick Clegg, Tristram Hunt and David Lammy.

This announcement is very cleverly timed to coincide with the UKIP Leadership election.  Arron Banks was UKIP’s largest single donor, but withdrew that funding after Diane James resigned as leader and Raheem Kassam (former aide to Nigel Farage and Breitbart journalist) dropped out of the leadership campaign.

Arron has been in favour of direct democracy and more ‘libertarian’ politics for a long time.  He wants to see a reformed UK political system.  He also wants a vastly reformed UKIP.  By making this announcement now, it is possible that Arron Banks is signalling who he would support as leader of UKIP.

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