European people are fed up of the EU as anti-establishment feeling gains ground

The European people are becoming increasingly fed up with the EU and the corruption, mis-management and misery it is heaping upon them.

A new poll by YouGov shows that there has been a massive surge in support for politicians who are seen as strong, capable leaders who will uphold their country, their heritage and their culture. Of 12 EU countries ranked by the level of support for populist politicians, ‘authoritarian’ leaders scored more than 40 per cent of the vote in all but four.

And the UK’s anti-EU sentiment is well down the list.


Those of us who keep a close eye on European politics will know that this poll is probably very accurate. People across Europe are utterly disenchanted with the EU and the Pan-European Project, the financial crises, the bank bailouts, the (deliberately engineered) migrant crisis, the unemployment and the misery the EU politicians have created.  While of course the EU politicians who benefit with their fat salaries, pensions, well-appointed offices and expense-account lunches have suffered not one iota of the ‘austerity’ that they have meted out to everyone else.

Far from being a ‘shock poll’ (it is the Express after all) this comes as no surprise to people who have watched anti-EU sentiment grow and develop across the whole of Europe.

News just in from the Netherlands is that the Dutch Freedom Party led by Geert Wilders is the least of their liberal politicians’ nightmares. A piece by the Wall Street Journal writes that there is a new breed of eurosceptics, who are committed to completely restoring sovereignty and destroying the EU. Marine Le Pen, in the video in the Express article, says clearly she wants the EU to dissolve as soon as possible.

Nigel Farage was the first to champion getting out of the EU, and was correct in why it should be done.  We have seen his predictions come true, yet despite our Brexit vote we are not out of the woods yet. However the appointment of Donald Trump is another nail in the coffin and hopefully the rest of Europe will now follow.  It’s finally waking up to the corrupt, diseased and dictatorial shambles the EU wishes to create from the wonderful, self-governing countries in Europe.

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