Mike Hookem, UKIP’s defence spokesman, on the EU Army.

mike-hookemMike Hookem, UKIP, on the plans for an EU army which could cost us billions while we are members of the EU.

Nigel Farage warned about an EU Army over 10 years ago and again in 2011 and was dismissed then as a ‘fantastist’ by Nick Clegg (LibDems) amongst others.  Since that time the EU Army has loomed ever larger as the EU pushes forward with it’s federal pan-European project.  Those politicians who dismissed the EU Army as a project that was never going to happen aren’t laughing now, are they?

The latest push for an EU Army comes after Donald Trump was elected as American’s president.  Mr Trump has no love for the EU, nor its trade deals, nor its politicians.  Nor does he have any sympathy with those nations not pulling their weight as part of supporting the United Nations. The United States will contribute 28% of the United Nations budget between 2016 and 2018 and it would appear that Mr Trump is a little miffed with them always carrying the can.

The reason this has hit the press again is EU leaders are worried that Donald Trump will withdraw support for the United Nations.  That’s unlikely to happen in entirety; it’s more likely that he will tell everyone else to start contributing a fairer share. However, given the appalling mis-management of the EU in general, do we consider the EU as a body capable of managing and directing its own troops?

Possibly more worrying is that Germany has offered to fund the cost of an EU army, if not in whole then certainly a large portion of.  Germany is currently prohibited from having an army of any substance following the Second World War.  Perhaps controlling the funds to the army and effectively putting it under Germany’s control (or rather Angela Merkel’s) is a way of circumventing that agreement. Not a smart move on the part of the EU and the German taxpayer won’t like it either.

The EU seems determined to push ahead with its army plans. Therefore, in case you hadn’t noticed, we voted to leave the EU 5 months ago since when nothing has happened.  While we remain, any vanity project the EU decides to go for, we are almost obliged to fund.

With Theresa May in charge of exit, Brexit means Never.


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