UKIP Leadership ballot – interesting observations on who is counting what

Well here’s an interesting question. UKIP NEC votes are bring counted by the Cedar Group. UKIP leadership is being done by the Electoral Reform Services.  Why the difference?

The Cedar Group is a design and marketing agency and the Southampton branch – Royal Crescent Road, Southampton SO14 3FS – is a ‘Storage and Distribution’ part of the business, not an election counting agency.

Questions which arise from this are:

  • Why aren’t the votes all being counted by Electoral Reform Services?
  • Who selected the Cedar Group to do this and why?
  • Do they have any links to anyone currently within Head Office/the UKIP party hierarchy that have gone undeclared?
  • Do they have any links to anyone within the NEC that have gone undeclared?
  • And can they be trusted to deliver a fair and independent result?

Here are the contact details and offices for the Cedar Group so you can check them yourself:

Given that the ‘establishment’ within UKIP appears to have engineered Steven Woolfe out of the way and since then Diane James, another supporter of Nigel Farage, is this agency one that members should trust to deliver a fair and impartial count?

This issue has been raised with UKIP Head Office and I will post their reply here.

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