Donald Trump’s ‘ambassador Farage’ tweet puts the Government in a spin

Donald Trump seems keen to throw out the ‘rule book’ of politics and it’s causing our inept government a nose bleed.  Long overdue!

On 22nd November Donald tweeted that there are many people in the UK who would like to see Nigel as UK ambassador to the US and ‘I’m sure he would do a great job!’  We’re sure he would too.

This sent the government into a flap as they vainly tried to tell everyone what an excellent job their current Ambassador was doing.  Had anyone ever heard of Sir Kim Darroch (notice they had to get the ‘Sir‘ in to emphasise his obvious importance) before this?

Here’s some of what Nigel had to say:

It is called trust and it is how the whole world of business operates. Sadly, the cesspit that is career politics understands nothing of this.

Those who supported Remain now hold senior positions. Worse still, those who were openly abusive about Trump now pretend to be his friend. It is career politics at its worst and it is now getting in the way of the national interest.

If we were to run businesses like this current government runs this country we would have been ‘foreclosed on’ a long time ago.  In business, you get the best people in, no matter what political complexion, skin colour, religion or anything else.  To run a business you need talent and an open mind – both of which appear sadly lacking in the UK’s government right now.

Here’s the full Telegraph article below:

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