Is Winston Peters the only New Zealand politician that makes sense?

Just to prove that it’s not just the UK, France, Germany, Italy and well, what appears to be the whole of the western world,  suffering the ills of the career political class who dance to the tune of globalist forces and corporate party donors….

Here is Winston Peters, Leader of New Zealand First, one a couple of recent issues close to his heart:

On the recent Kaikoura earthquake:

winston-petersNew Zealanders must get the jobs to rebuild earthquake damaged roads and buildings, not cheap migrant labour.

Recruitment companies are already eyeing the dollars they’ll get from bringing in cheap labour from the Philippines. We should have no truck with that.

Statistics NZ revealed recently the number of unemployed rose by 1000 to 128,000. The number of Kiwis aged from 15 to 24 who don’t have a job is at 74,000.

 In the aftermath of the quakes there’s got to be a real effort to get these Kiwis into jobs.  We don’t want New Zealanders shunted aside by cheap foreign labour as they were in the Christchurch Rebuild.

And on immigration:

winston-petersThe immigration march into NZ continues in record numbers. Latest figures show a net gain of 70,300.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of young Kiwis can’t get a job. There’s a housing crisis of catastrophic proportion. Hospitals and schools are overburdened.

The government is banking on more people, more consumers to bloat the economy.
But that’s not real growth.

If he wants to know what a catastrophic social housing shortage looks like he should come here (not to mention benefit and health tourism of epic proportions costing us billions every year).

Winston came to the UK during the referendum campaign to tell us that once we were out, NZ would welcome us back with open arms.  Looking at his Facebook page, the comments indicate the backlash against globalist forces has started to gather momentum there too.

Their advantage, of course, is they aren’t also stuck with a Prime Minister and career politicians who want us to remain in the EU and will do everything they can to stop us leaving.

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