If Nigel Farage is a destructive force in politics, then ‘bring it on’.

Many in the British media (and increasingly so the world media) have an opinion on Nigel Farage. Some say he is a destructive force in politics, some say he is irrelevant (Question Time, 2 weeks ago). In general most people say pretty mean things.

Nigel is like Marmite. You either love him or hate him. What’s truest about Nigel Farage, apart from a fundamental love of this country, is he is hardly ever wrong. And the truth hurts. The establishment and the career politicians he despises know this all too well.


Nigel has been right about a lot of things; most importantly, the swing in politics over the last few years.  He foretold the swing to nationalist politics as the left pushed ever harder for political correctness and oppression of free speech (not to mention the Pan-Europe the EU are so keen to foist on everyone who doesn’t want it).

This seems to be Nigel’s gift. He sees farther and more clearly than most. The changes in political tide, the undercurrent of public discourse, Nigel is a confident navigator and competent at drawing people in.

When he predicted that UKIP would shock in the EU elections (1st place), that UKIP would soar in the General Election (12% +) , that Brexit would win (52%), and that anti-establishment would be the win for Republicans (Trump), he was, against all polls and predictions, right.  Again.

He clearly understands the state of the world better than those who mock him.  Perhaps they are envious, or perhaps the political ‘bubble dwellers’ have yet to realise they live in a bubble entirely divorced from reality.  When most people who hate one another and normally would be knocking lumps out of one another unite to attack a single ‘enemy’, this is the person they are most afraid of.

Nigel lives and breathes reality in a way the career political class he despises (and that despise him more) simply cannot deal with. When Nigel Farage tells us something, it’s worth listening to.  So his comments on Brexit that:

the people have spoken, but the same players have just been shuffled around the chess board and we are still being run by the career professional political class”


I suspect that the Conservative party is not fit for the legacy of Brexit”

…are, judging by Theresa May’s lack of action in the last 4 months, probably true.

If Nigel Farage is a destructive force in politics, then ‘bring it on’. The UK’s political system and most who inhabit it need to be cleared out. A slash and burn policy was never more required in our rotten political system as it is today.

If a seismic shock is coming, then it’s long overdue.


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