Fed up of this cooked-up media nonsense about trade with The Single Market? Well you should be.

Trade seems to be in the news again at the moment.  The Brussels Broadcasting Corporation and all the other mainstream media is desperate to tell us we can’t be in ‘The Single Market’ market without free movement of people.  What utter rubbish!

Andrew Marr, uninformed BBC commentator, agreed with Diane Abbott on his show that we can’t have free trade access to the Single Market without free movement.  Wrong.  Currently, around 34 countries including China have some form of free trade access to the EU market without free movement of people or paying anything to the EU club.  Both of them should actually do their research before they open their mouths. If Andrew Marr can’t get his facts right the BBC should take him off air.

If you want to know who does and does not have free trade with the EU, then take a look here http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/docs/2012/november/tradoc_150129.pdf

Not only that, but the pro-EU media hysterically portray this as if we are not going to be able to trade with the EU at all if we don’t accept free movement of people.  Again, total rubbish.  Here’s an example of why this is nonsense.

The German car industry sells both huge volumes  and huge values of cars into the UK market.  We are one of their biggest, if not their biggest, consumers.  If there isn’t a free trade deal after we leave the EU and the Germans end up with tariffs on their cars they could lose 500,000 jobs because it makes all other vehicles so much cheaper. So if we can’t trade with them at all (which is preposterous anyway because it isn’t going to happen), who is going to lose out most?  The Germans, and they know it.

Does anyone really believe that the Germans are going to stop selling us their cars, the French are going to stop selling us their lamb, cheese and wine etc?  We import almost twice as much from the EU as they buy from us.

We aren’t going to stop trading with the EU, we are just going to do it differently, and hopefully this time back on our own terms!

peter-lilleyPeter Lilley, former trade and industry minister, says the amount we pay to the EU each year represents a 7% tariff on the value of the goods we export to them. If we were to leave the EU and stop paying the ‘club fee’, the maximum WTO tariff would be 6%. Most countries that trade with the EU pay 3-4%.  So paying into the EU club is totally ridiculous and not value for money on that basis alone.

Added to which, if we leave the EU, non-EU goods would be far cheaper. Australian chardonnay would be 32% cheaper in a free trade deal with Australia, for example.

The same is true on an eye watering number of goods including FOOD. For example New Zealand lamb was made more costly than French lamb because of the tariffs the EU forced us to apply on our commonwealth ally. Chillies from Africa would be cheaper than those grown in the EU.

And remember, the volume and value of trade we do with the EU is declining year on year.  The volume and value of our worldwide sales is increasing every year.  Imagine how much more that will increase when we don’t have to apply EU-wide tariffs.

Quite simply, the politicians, global corporations and global establishment who benefit from this protectionist racket have told you LIES about how great the EU is to feather their own nests. Either they’ve done well from trade and taxation loopholes, or they have got a big fat pension and a sinecure in the EU paying far too much, or all of the above.

AND because they are STILL getting these things, Theresa May has not removed us.

The BBC should stop pushing its Project Fear Mark 2 because we are sick of it and not taken in by it any more.

Peter Lilley’s article is here:


Former chancellor Norman Lamont’s article is here:


One thought on “Fed up of this cooked-up media nonsense about trade with The Single Market? Well you should be.

  • I agree with you. The BBC is so full of people in a filter-bubble – What happened to proper investigative journalists who got out there and found out what’s really going on instead of just asking a few of their friends?


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