If John Major likes referendums so much, why didn’t he hold one on Maastricht?

Nice one from The Telegraph. 

” The big beasts from the 1990s have awoken, and they’re not happy about Brexit. First came Tony Blair, who told the New Statesman that Britons had the right to stay in the EU after “scrutinising” Theresa May’s final deal with European leaders, and that the country should “keep its options open”.


The former Labour Prime Minister’s words will draw snorts of derision from Brexiteers, who will remember how he repeatedly suggested the idea of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. And Mr Blair has finally revealed why he reneged on his promise: he thought he would lose.

If Tony Blair was not enough of a Nineties flashback though, Sir John Major has also returned to the political fray (note : with these nonsensical statements):

“The tyranny of the majority has never applied in a democracy and it should not apply in this particular democracy,”

“I don’t think anyone can determine by osmosis what was in the minds of the 52 per cent of people who voted to leave. Some of the 52 per cent… voted because they wanted to leave Europe, or they didn’t like the government, or they didn’t like immigration, or they didn’t like the fact that there was a Sunday in the week.”

Sir John Major would tell MPs as Prime Minister that “we are a parliamentary democracy, and I am not in favour of referendums.” Might his new-found love of referendum stem from the fact that the people had their say, and voted in a way he didn’t like?

Both Tony Blair and Sir John Major urged Britain to vote to stay in the European Union in vain. They can’t expect the people to listen to them when each man refused to take them seriously on Europe as Prime Minister.

The British people voted to leave the European Union after years of being denied a say. Voters have made clear that they want Theresa May and her ministers to get on with delivering Brexit. A YouGov survey earlier this month found that nearly two-thirds (59 per cent) of those surveyed thought it was “not legitimate” to hold a second referendum on Brexit

If Sir John and his fellow Europhiles want to win back the public’s respect, scoffing at their decision at the ballot box is not the way to do it. Few would welcome the tyranny of a pro-Remain minority.”

Extracts from an article by Asa Bennett, Telegraph Premium online, 25/11/16

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