Paul Nuttall is elected leader of UKIP and gets thumbs up from Nigel Farage

paul-nuttallPaul Nuttall has been elected the new leader of UKIP with a whopping 62% of the votes.  He has appointed Peter Whittle as Deputy Leader, and Patrick O Flynn as his political advisor.

Since Nigel Farage abruptly left UKIP leaderless and rudderless there have been 2 leadership elections. It’s no wonder UKIP hasn’t been able to get on with anything.

Paul has the backing of many senior or well-established Ukippers, UKIP councillors and MEPs. This on its own gives him the capacity to unite the party as he says he can. He is articulate and intelligent. He despises many of the same things we do about this government and every government that has let the people of this country down. And I do think he can snap up votes in the Labour heartlands that the Labour party has abandoned.

Nigel Farage has this morning added his voice on Facebook:

Congratulations Paul Nuttall MEP on becoming the new Leader of UKIP. The right man at the right time.

Britain European Elections

Furthermore Nigel has been offered joint Honorary Presidency of UKIP, a measure sure to please those who still support him.

Now to business. UKIP is the only party supporting a proper Brexit – a Brexit that upholds the will of the democratic vote in June.

Members and supporters of UKIP, and Brexit voters, need to get behind Paul Nuttall if they want any hope of getting the Brexit they voted for.  It really is that simple.

Because Theresa May isn’t going to give you it.  Splitting the vote by going to another party is going to allow the Tories to get in again.  Right now they are gerrymandering the vote by changing the constituency boundaries to give them even more of an advantage, so everyone is needed.  Everyone.

It’s time to take the fight to the real enemies:

  1. the anti-democratic proponents of mass immigration that have abandoned their core voters – the current Labour Party,
  2.  the even more anti-democratic Lib Dems under Tim Farron, who now only have 8 seats in Westminster
  3. and the Conservative Party under Theresa May, which seems intent on betraying the vote under a cloud of hot air and meaningless promises.
Personally I don’t mind who is the leader, as long as they harness all the skills and talent in UKIP – that’s including grassroots members which in this area have been largely unsupported and overlooked. It’s time to take the fight to Theresa May and her Remain government over the ills we are all suffering, as well as give the people the Brexit they voted for one way or another.

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