Recep Erdogan of Turkey ramps up the blackmail with his threats to send a ‘tsunami of migrants’ to Europe.

MONTHS ago it was clear that the EU was now a hostage to Turkey over the illegal migrants, by caving into the blackmail over Visa-free access and talks about Turkey joining the EU.  And it’s coming home to roost.

The EU back-tracked on this after the failed coup and Erdogan’s brutal response. Bully-boy Erdogan is now back on the blackmail warpath, threatening to unleash a tsunami of illegal migrants onto the EU, to rapturous applause from his own parliament it would seem.


Despite the above, Boris (Turncoat) Johnson is now supporting Turkey to gain EU membership, much like David Cameron was doing before he resigned when he lost the Brexit vote.

The end result of Erdogan’s blackmail is that panicked and beleaguered countries are now planning to seal off access routes from Turkey, especially via Serbia, where about 6,000 illegal African and Middle Eastern migrants have already become trapped.

It is time for the EU to stand firm against this dictator and his blackmail. However ‘firm’ in the context of Europe is practically impossible right now with the collection of soggy left, very limp left and completely ineffectual left wing occuping the driving seats.

Great ammunition for nationalist parties preparing for the Austrian elections planned for December 4th, the Italian referendum, the French elections and the German elections.

All the more reason we remove ourselves from the EU forthwith. However that requires serial under-achiever Theresa May to get off her backside and deliver.  We’ve been waiting 5 months so far and all she’s delivered is hot air and soundbites to appease the masses.

Expect more of the same…..

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