Erdogan’s blackmail of the EU includes sending 3,000 illegal migrants a day to Greece.

Yesterday we noted Prime Minister Erdogan’s blackmail and threats to the EU. Today, it’s gone one step further.

turkey-migrants-736907It’s reported that Greek intelligence officers have uncovered secret plans to actually start sending Syrian (and probably other) migrants to Greece at the rate of up to 3,000 per day.

Boats have been massed along the Turkish coast, apparently a move supported by Prime Minister Erdogan.  That’s brilliantly timed for the Austrian elections and Italian referendum, as well as the French and German elections next year.

It’s hardly the sensationalist ‘brink of war’ the Express headline screams, but it’s not going to go well for Mr Erdogan or the EU.  It could however be exceptionally good news for the resurgence of independent European nation states.

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