Gerard Batten is an excellent choice for UKIP Brexit Spokesman

Gerard Batten is an excellent choice for Brexit spokesman.  Gerard wrote a book about the EU called The Road To Freedom and has been at the forefront of criticising Theresa May’s Brexit plans since she was elected, and with good reason. 


Gerard Batten was a member of the Anti-Federalist League 1992-1993 and a founder member of the UK Independence Party in 1993. He was the Party’s European Election Organiser in 1994 and the first Party Secretary (1994-1997). He has served on the UKIP National Executive Committee at different times. He has fought eleven different election campaigns for the Party over the years.

He was elected as a Member of the European Parliament for London in 2004 and re-elected in 2009 for another five year term. He has written extensively on such subjects as Immigration, the Cost of the European Union, and the European Arrest Warranty and the creation of a European system of criminal law.

Here is just some of what he said about the EU and Article 50, which Theresa May is insisting we use to remove ourselves:

Brexit (British Exit) from the EU is moving up the political agenda, but few have looked at the mechanism by which it might be achieved and the problems involved.

The European Union’s process of ‘ever closer union’ is fashioned like the jaws of a shark. The teeth slant backwards. Once inside the mouth the only route is onwards down the gullet to digestion. Membership of the EU has been deliberately constructed over five decades and six treaties in order to make exit from the EU near impossible. It is a Gordian Knot of a problem that requires an Alexandrian solution.

Article 50 is designed to put the EU in a strong position to pressurise the would-be leaving nation into accepting their terms of exit. This detrimental dog’s breakfast is hardly likely to be what the electorate have in mind when they vote in a referendum to leave the EU.

Once the decision has been made then it is better to deliver the Alexandrian blow rather than endlessly fiddle with the strands.”

The Gordian Knot in Greek legend was a knot which was impossible to disentangle.  An oracle foretold that he who untied the knot would rule all of Asia.  Alexander the Great didn’t bother to try and untie it – he simply sliced through it with his sword.  That’s exactly what we should be doing with Brexit – ignoring the Gordian Knot which is article 50 and simply repealing the 1972 European Communities Act, then cease paying.

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