Jean-Claude Juncker gets a 3.3% pay rise, which we are funding.

EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker is to pocket a £8,700 pay rise putting him on almost double the salary of Theresay May, alongside the same 3.3% for all other civil servants.  Austerity simply doesn’t apply to them, and we are paying for this. 

The EU is rewarding its civil servants with a 3.3% pay rise, which is way more than the rate of inflation.  These EU civil servants already earn on average about £70,000 per year.

This means the hapless Juncker, who seems to wander round issuing edicts which annoy people and little else, will get

  • a Christmas bonus of 5,181.24 euros (£4,396).
  • a basic salary increase for next year of 10,362 euros (£8,793)
  • a total basic salary per year from 2017 of 324‎,377 euros (£275,275)
  • a generous 48,657 euros (£41,292) extra housing allowance
  • 17,017 euros (£14,441) in other expenses (including his nice long lunches)
  • a 69,336 euros (£58,841) a year pension from age 65, and
  • 416,284 euros (£353,270) to help him ‘resettle’ and ‘transition’ at the end of his five-year term


Nigel Farage said of this:

Another fat pay rise for Juncker and his Eurocrat pals in Brussels. The EU is the opposite of a meritocracy when people get rewarded for failure.’

And we are paying for this exceptionally expensive numpty (and all the well-paid civil servants) while we remain in the EU.


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