Michael Howard launches a scathing attack on the High Court judges

JUDGES have been accused of mounting a “powergrab” and blindly thinking the same on Europe in a withering attack by Tory ‘grandee’ Lord Howard.

Speaking at a Policy Exchange panel event at Westminster on Monday 27th November, Lord Howard said there was a growing mindset in the judiciary that courts could overrule Parliament.

“What we have seen in recent years is what best if rather crudely described as a judicial grab for power. There is a great and important principle at stake in this discussion. It is precisely who is to have the last word. Is it to be our elected representatives in Parliament, accountable to voters, or is it to be the judges, accountable to no one?”

Whether our ‘elected representatives in Parliament’ are indeed ‘accountable to voters’ is doubtful, given how we have seen Theresa May and her government do precisely nothing since she came to office on Brexit.  And how David Cameron, Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and John Major all signed away powers to the EU without asking ‘the voters’.

Democracy in this country is not really democracy at all. And ‘the voters’ are only important at election time.


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