Scotland wants to introduce a new E-grade to stop pupils failing their exams. Ridiculous.

Scotland wants to introduce a new E-grade so pupils don’t fail exams. Ridiculous. Life is hard. Sometimes you fail.  It’s failure that you learn from most.


Education Secretary John Swinney (above) is also looking at LOWERING the % score for a ‘D’ mark to 40%.  40% is a fail.  An E-grade would be possibly as low as 35%.  Which is an even bigger fail.  It means you got 65% of the exam paper wrong.

Our exam systems have been watered down, watered down and then watered down some more.  The percentage mark required to get any sort of grade has been reduced so that more students can get into college – which is a cynical ploy to keep them out of the job market and unemployment statistics as long as possible.

20 years ago universities in England were complaining that they were having to run foundations courses for entrants who didn’t have the basic knowledge, especially in areas like the sciences.

Which employer is going to value someone with an E grade? As now, they are going to discard and ignore all the lower grades.  Bringing in a new grade doesn’t stop people from failing,.  It just means they will just find out the hard way that they did, when employers and universities/colleges refuse their worthless pieces of paper.

No wonder we have a generation of fragile snowflakes with this ridiculous nonsense going on.

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