Big bills on the way for the UK, for a Euro Army we voted not to be part of on 23rd June.

Well, here it is – the resolution to create an EU army / armed forces has been approved, costing the UK possibly £420 million a year for something we voted not to be part of.

eu-armyCould this be the reason for the armed forces cuts from Cameron and Theresa May – to fundamentally undermine our national security so much that we had no option but to be part of it?

The highly unpopular Guy Verhofstadt, uber federalist, is back tub-thumping again on the back of this about his beloved Pan-European project being needed as an ’empire of the good’.  If the current EU is anything to go by ’empire of the good’ is about as divorced from reality as it gets.  Well done Guy, keep it up, the louder the better.  That way, all those people that hate what you stand for might elect a sensible leader that will look after their values, their interests and their country.  And remove them from the EU.

Whatever the reason, while Theresa May dithers on Brexit (or schemes and plots, which ever you prefer), we appear to be stuck with it. It’s damning indictment of the UK press that we get better information from Russia Today than we do from the BBC, ITV, and Sky.

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