Border force controls are now ‘an absolute shambles’ and armed forces cuts compromise safety and security.

Under Theresa May, the Border Force has been cut so much that it is an ‘absolute shambles’ as demonstrated by this article regarding passport controls at Heathrow airport.

The Border Force now only has 3 ships patrolling our waters for illegal immigrants.  Our tanks are cut, our ships our cut, our force numbers are cut.

Our national security is being compromised with each passing day.  This Government would rather waste money on foreign aid and propping up the EU than protect its own citizens.  Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to cut defence forces even more.  Here is just a handful of the damning reports which the Tory government has been taking no notice of:

Fewer tanks than Serbia:

Short of 6,000 troops

Army shrinks as recruitment struggles (no wonder with the freeze on salaries)

Need more cash not more cuts

Government slammed over Border Force cuts

Forces might not have the personnel to operate new equipment

Military sites to be sold off

Just one of many Navy cuts

Hopefully Bill Etheridge, UKIP’s new Defence spokesman, will start taking this government apart in the media over these and many other reports clearly which show it has compromised the safety and security of UK citizens.

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