In the European news : Italy’s referendum, Austria’s election and the EU wants control of your economy

Euro news round up from the last few days is – Italy’s poster boy Matteo Renzi loses and resigns, Austria succumbs to Project Smear and the EU wants control of all taxation and spending.

Italy’s referendum

Italian EU ‘poster boy’ Matteo Renzi has lost the referendum on constitutional reform and resigned.  This referendum was a power grab by the centre – their equivalent of the House of Commons – supposedly to speed up passing laws and making major government decisions.  Renzi did not count on the Italian people understanding that this power grab was about removing control from the 150 or so ‘districts’ as well as the Senate.

The next step is that Renzi’s existing party tries to form a government. Even if it manages to do this the prediction is it will limp along uselessly for a while before the other political parties force a general election.  Five Star and the Northern league – both anti EU and anti euro – have pledged that they will both apply pressure for this to happen.

The battle for Italy’s soul is not over yet though.  Just as in the UK, the banks, corporations, the politicians and the rich who benefit from Italy’s depressed economy are bound to mount a challenge.   Thanks to Steven Woolfe MEP for this insight:

The world wakes up to another peoples revolt as the EU backed Italian PM and “poster boy” elitist is defeated in a referendum. He tried to change the system, including rules to prevent Beppo Grillo’s five Star Movement from gaining power or greater influence.

…Congratulations to them and their hard on the ground campaining.

This will not see the end of the Euro or Italy leaving the EU, as no political party in Italy truly wants that yet. It is another chance for the people to split the dam of self centred political, media, business, academic and technocratic elitism which keeps the people behind the wall of control whilst they enjoy lifes spoils.

I predict that the Italian elites will now rush to change Italian electoral law that allows single government for a party that has more than 40% of the national vote. Simply to stop the 5 Star movement.

However, this morning raise a glass or cup of tea to the Italians

Austria’s election

The Green Party under Alexander Van Der Bellen have once again won the Austrian election, to rapturous applause from the EU.

This was not, as is claimed by the EU, a victory for European values at all.  It is a victory for the Project Smear tactics waged on the Austrian people by the EU and the mainstream media regarding Norbert Hofer’s Freedom Party.  And the Austrians fell for it.

The Austrian people were told that Hofer and the Freedom Party were ‘far right’ and played on the origins of the party some 60 years ago. Comparing the marginally right of centre party now with the original origins is like comparing the current UK Labour Party with what Labour used to represent when it started.  They are completely different animals.

Norbert Hofer wants to put his citizens’ security, safety and wellbeing first.  He is against mass immigration and wants Austria to decide who comes and stays, and who is removed. Hardly the stuff of the ‘far right’.

The Austrians have just solved the problem of where Angela Merkel will put the 100,000 illegal migrants she is going to deport if she wins the next election.  Perhaps after another few years of the same EU rubbish the Austrian people will learn that continuing to do the same thing over and over again gets you the same result. Maybe next time they will make better choices.

EU wants control of all taxation and economies

Pierre Moscovici, the European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, wants the EU to push forward with plans to harmonise taxation and gain control of economic policy across the whole Eurozone.

The French-born politician is calling for countries running at a surplus to pump that profit back into Europe for the benefit of other nations.

What this means is they would take money from the ‘rich countries’ to prop up the ‘poor performing countries’.  What incentive is there for ANY European country or any European citizen to perform at their best when the EU plans to simply cream off all the benefits of our hard work, our brains and creativity?

We in the UK have been the EU’s cash cow for 43 years. And we continue to be so while we are in this failing, corrupt and diseased institution. Under this plan we would all be rendered a uniform source of cheap labour for the elites and the corporations that hold sway over Brussels and Theresa May’s government. Just like every other nation in the EU. Of course by the time this happens nobody will be a nation, just an EU province without any semblance of meaningful democracy.

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