New UKIP leader Paul Nuttall and his team aren’t wasting any time.

Absolute credit to Paul Nuttall, the new UKIP leader and his team. Within a few days of his appointment there has been a noticeable shift in their visibility in the press.

paul-nuttall-2Just a few days after appointment, there has been a flurry of activity from Paul and his new team.  Before his election Paul pledged that it was time to unite the party and turn the fire on the real enemy.  It would appear that he means it and so does his team.  Just one hour after being appointed Brexit spokesman, Gerard Batten was in the press talking about why we don’t need to trigger article 50.

Here are other news stories:

Tim Aker MEP on the Tories watering down Brexit

Paul Nuttall says unemployed British workers should come first

Paul Nuttall asks why we haven’t received money for Storm Desmond from the EU, when Spain and Portugal apply after us, and get their money first

Paul Nuttall pledges to campaign hard for UKIP in all constituencies where the MP does not uphold the will of the people over Brexit

Bill Etheridge on police chief saying Britain could become a haven for criminals after Brexit

Gerard Batten on David Davis and the EU

Mark Reckless on the immediate benefits of being out of the EU

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