The UKIP top team so far. Is it complete now?

The UKIP Cabinet so far. 

Patrick O’Flynn appointed Media and Sport Spokesman and key political advisor

UKIP Deputy Leader Peter Whittle AM reappointed Culture Spokesman

Stuart Agnew reappointed Agriculture Spokesman

William Dartmouth reappointed as International Trade Spokesman

Mark Reckless AM reappointed as UKIP’s Economics Spokesman

UKIP MEP Jill Seymour reappointed as Transport Spokesman

James Carver appointed as UKIP’s Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs spokesman

Roger Helmer reappointed as UKIP’s Energy Spokesman

Star Anderton reappointed as Disability Spokesman

David Kurten AM appointed as Education and Apprenticeships Spokesman

Suzanne Evans Joint UKIP Deputy Chairman and Policy Committee

UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge is Defence spokesman

Dr Julia Reid MEP appointed Environment Spokesman

Gerard Batten MEP appointed UKIP Spokesman on Brexit

John Bickley has been appointed as the Party’s Immigration Spokesman (likely to be unpopular with all Steven Woolfe supporters)

Mike Hookem MEP becomes UKIP Fisheries Spokesman

Peter Whittle Deputy Leader

Jane Collins MEP is Home Affairs spokesman

Cllr Peter Reeve reappointed Local Government Spokesman

Andrew Charalambous appointed Work and Pensions Spokesman

Margot Parker MEP appointed Equalities and Womens Issues Spokesman

Jonathan Arnott MEP appointed Constitutional Affairs Spokesman

Christopher Mills reappointed Business Spokesman

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