Latest MP ‘ripping off the taxpayer’ scheme is exposed. It won’t stop until WE stop it.

46 MPs have claimed more than £1.3million for rent or hotel rooms at the same time as receiving rent from properties that were often purchased and refurbished from taxpayers’ money.

snout-in-the-troughAn investigation by Channel 4 News found 25 Conservatives, 14 Labour and four Liberal Democrats had benefited from the expenses loophole, which is not against parliamentary rules.

We, the people, pay the salaries, perks and pensions for MPs and in return the Parliamentary system allows every single one to cook the books in their favour if they have a mind to.  As is clearly demonstrated by this article.

This article has been sent to all key UKIP MEPs, plus Theresa May’s entire Cabinet, No 10 Downing Street, Jamie Reed for Copeland and various other ‘decent’ MPs of different political complexions.

We, the people, are outraged at this kind of entitled ‘snout in the trough’ attitude from MPs that we pay for.  We deserve a list of ALL MPs of all colours involved in this latest ‘ripping off the taxpayer’ scandal so they can be publicly named and shamed.

The fact that they CAN do this, doesn’t mean that they SHOULD.

They should be banned from office and refused the opportunity to serve as MPs, permanently.

We, the people, should be free to remove MPs like this from office, no matter what political party they belong to.  The only way to do this is to support whichever party commits to a proper system of direct democracy, so that the days of un-performing MPs in it for what they can get out of it, and not bothering to serve the people, are brought firmly to an end.

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