Local Enterprise Partnerships in the spotlight for turning business grants into ‘cash for chums’.

This report by the Daily Mail exposes the ‘cash for chums’ operations going on under the guise of Local Enterprise Partnerships.

Local Enterprise Partnerships or LEP officials were put in charge of £7.3bn of taxpayer money to boost growth under the Government’s flagship Growth Deal scheme.

But on at least 276 occasions, the cash has been used to make payments to the officials themselves, their own companies, or projects they stand to benefit from.

These bodies aren’t even required to produce accounts to demonstrate value for the taxpayer’s hard-earned cash!

Yet another example of the corruption and nepotism going on within the ‘establishment’ in this country. The Commons Public Accounts Committee has said it will conduct a full investigation.  By the time that investigation has concluded, the LEPs will probably have been able to dole out several more years of ‘cash for chums’ before the rules are changed and anyone is hauled over the coals for it.



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