Brexit : We could have been out in 24 hours not Nigel Farage’s 2 weeks.

Nigel Farage said on BBC question time last night (8th December) that if the government really wanted Brexit we could do it in 2 weeks.  Actually it could have been done in 24 hours.  Here’s how: 

  • Repeal the 1972 European Communities Act using the Emergency Orders in Council procedure – requires the assent of the Queen, 3 Privy Councillors and the Prime Minister in a conference call or meeting.
  • Inform the EU we are out.
  • Stop paying (the EU loses 14% of its revenue immediately).
  • Revert to World Trade Organisation trading rules.
  • Reclaim all fishing waters.  Reclaim all sovereignty, border control, legal control and trade control.

24 hours maximum to deliver. Simple.

Here is the explanation of the Emergency Orders in Council posted online by Hubert D Southchurch on 29th June 2016, 6 days after the Brexit result:

” Legal separation from the Legal Primacy of EU Control doesn’t have to take 2 years. Doesn’t anyone do documentary research any longer? Repeal of the enabling-Legal Instrument – the 1972 European Communities Act. – can be done inside 24hrs through an “Emergency Order in Council” which does NOT require debate.

[This is a hang-over administrative mechanism from the Cold War Era, which has never been repealed or amended. The papers are in the National Archives, and have been open to the Public since the last RSG was de-classified and closed in 1992!].

It has actually been in place since around 1960, when the Regional Seats of Government were being built, and the Civil Service under the Cabinet Secretary Norman Brook was codifying the manner in which a government evacuated out of London, and split into 11 sections, – could continue to operate administratively in the face of a fast developing situation, – such as a Soviet attack which would have left neither time nor place for debating urgent administrative measures.

The Civil Service Planners were assuming that Westminster and Whitehall would have been ground zero for tactical Nukes. The Attorney General Sir Reginald Manningham-Buller signed-off on it then, and so did the whole Cabinet. On a conference phone call, it only needs a quorum of 3 Privy Councillors, the Lord President of the Council [if still alive and in Contact], and Her Majesty – to enact and Assent-to an Emergency Order in Council.  But because that Era is now considered “ancient history”, these things have been forgotten by all save political and military historians [such as myself].

So a legal mechanism making it possible to Repeal the 1972 European Communities Act without debate – [and save the Nation GB£8,800Millions over the next 2 years] is already part of the Law of the UK; if the current metro-Elite choose to activate it.

Repeal of the 1972 Act returns legal primacy to the UK Parliament; it will not alter any UK Law copy-catting an EU Law; such matters will need to be separately debated. But it would mean that matters the Voters deem to be of primary importance to their concerns – such as turning-off the Money-Valve To The EU could be done within a very short time by means of an “administrative Instrument” decided in Cabinet – a matter of hours rather than years.

So why is Theresa May choosing not to use it?  Well you be the judge.  I’ve asked her directly and she has chosen not to reply.

If you haven’t already shared this by every means possible, now (6 months after the vote when she has appeared to deliberately stall Brexit at every opportunity) would be the time to do so.

One thought on “Brexit : We could have been out in 24 hours not Nigel Farage’s 2 weeks.

  • We wait patiently. Why? There must be something we can do besides talk and listen. I have been reading of so many ways of getting out of the EU legally and stopping the ransom money to them, yet nothing is being done by BREXIT/LEAVE? I and I’m sure many of you know that Theresa May is a Remain/Traitor. Is it because we are outnumbered? This may prove difficult, but not impossible. We won two World Wars with almost virtually nothing, but we won. So now we have the enemy without and the enemy within. We fight harder, but let’s not wait with cup in hand. The enemy within is Big Brother and it’s only a matter of time when we will be forced to believe 2+2=5 and are dragged into room 101. My friends, what do we have to lose? To wait is to lose everything. We still have a queen. We have lawyers. We can donate. We can get those from Europe who are fed up to help where they can and we help them. But we can’t just do nothing.


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