David Davis issues old news on Brexit wrapped up as new news, and cold comfort about the deal itself.

This article starts well and sounds good at the beginning – the Government is drawing up a hardline plan to slash taxes and take business out of the EU as part of their negotiations. 

The good news is that the EU nations can’t easily hit back with individual tax cuts of their own now the ECB controls monetary policy on everywhere in the Eurozone.  However, before the referendum the government had already signalled it’s intention to slash corporation tax to take business from the EU on Brexit, so that’s not new news.

david-davisAs to ‘negotiations’, there has been plenty of evidence on this site and all over the internet that negotiations are simply not needed.  Just repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, stop paying and walk.  How hard can it be?

Neither will Brexiteers be at all heartened by the statement of having a deal somewhere between Turkey, Switzerland and Norway.

As usual, this is political posturing and hot air from a government that actually doesn’t want to remove us from the EU at all.  And Theresa May, Queen Remain, issues the orders on Brexit, not David Davis.


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