Labour – The Unelectables?

Is the Labour Party ‘The Unelectables’?

The recent Sleaford and Hykeham by election proved that UKIP is on the rise under Paul Nuttall and, if carefully done, can become a very powerful force in UK politics.  The Tories won by a hugely comfortable margin, due to it being a seat where most people have traditionally voted Conservative, and where they obviously haven’t seen or can’t be bothered to see what the Tories are doing to this country.

corbynVictoria Ayling came second, beating the Lib Dems into third place and Labour into a miserable 4th place from second place last time around.

The only losers in this are British people. Labour is getting paid to fail at politics on a fat MP salary x several hundred and still retire on a gold commons pension. While people in labour working class areas see wages reduced, and jobs going either overseas or to overseas low wage workers, higher bills and erosion of their living standards. And people in Labour areas are still voting for Labour.


Often because they have always voted Labour and their parents did and their grandparents did. It’s time for those people to wake up from their sleepwalking and look at what Labour represents. It’s a long time since Labour represented the working class – a generation or more in reality.  Under Blair, Brown and now Corbyn, Labour have been first a right of centre ‘ape’ of the Conservatives and are now in some weird socialist/communist, cultural Marxist, neo-liberal no-mans-land far, far removed from their core supporters.

Visibly at least, they have deserted their core supporters and are now the party for mass immigration, which the Islington set controlling the party never have to be concerned about. Their privileged existence shelters them from all that.  But there is so much more to the Labour betrayal of their core supporters than just this.

Notably, the Lib Dems and Tories aren’t listening to their core supporters either.

UKIP are on your tail, Jeremy, Theresa and Tim.

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