Mo Farah wrapped himself in the Union Jack and nobody called him racist

Chris Ostwald, who opened a ‘Really British’ shop in Muswell Hill has been told his shop is racist, in a ridiculous tirade of political correctness gone mad. 

Mo Farah wrapped himself in the Union jack at the Olympics and was proud to proclaim that Britain is his country and this is his flag.  Nobody called him racist.  Is that because he happens to not be white?  Strangely, it also appears that the people doing the complaining against Mr Ostwald and his new business are white middle class.


So we can have Polish shops, Chinese restaurants and dry cleaners, Turkish barbers and Indian grocers without any complaints, but as soon as someone opens a ‘Really British’ shop, it’s racist.

This ridiculous state of affairs needs to be corrected, and quickly.  However, none of the mainstream political parties have the backbone to tell people it’s not racist to be proud of the country you live in and celebrate its traditions and culture.  Having national pride is something that transcends and should unite all races living here.

The word ‘racist’ is an over-used card for people who have run out of arguments, or who don’t understand what ‘racism’ actually is.  It’s also a classic case of ‘the boy who cried wolf’.  The word is used so often, entirely wrongly, that it is now a joke word which utterly undermines what it is actually trying to achieve, ie integration.

Time for UKIP to take a lead on eradicating this stupidity.

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