Theresa May’s Great Repeal Bill is nothing of the sort. We may never be a sovereign nation.

Theresa May’s betrayal of Brexit and the lies she is apparently telling the British public is fully exposed in this article.

In her speech “Britain after Brexit: A Vision of a Global Britain”, delivered at the Conservative Party Conference, Theresa May made reference to a Great Repeal Bill which would have two effects.

Firstly it would

“remove from the statute book – once and for all – the European Communities Act”.

Secondly, it would:

“transpose ‘the acquis’ – that is, the body of existing EU law – into British law”.

According to May this will mean that:

“Parliament will be free – subject to international agreements and treaties with other countries and the EU on matters such as trade – to amend, repeal and improve any law it chooses”.

First of all notice the caveat ‘ subject to’.

And secondly her statements are NOT TRUE.

theresa-mayThe article listed here goes on to say:

” The “acquis” to which Theresa May made reference relates to the European Doctrine “Acquis Communautaire”. This means that when a power has been surrendered to a supra-national body, such as the EU, it can never be recovered by the member state.”

So the effect of transposing all existing EU law into UK law via the Great Repeal Bill means we will effectively never be a sovereign nation.

What it means is Theresa May s deliberately fooling the British public by getting rid of one act tying us into the EU and replacing it with thousands tying us into the EU.

The rest of the article is a really hard read but worth ploughing through if you want one example relating to procurement. If not, just read the above and you have everything you need to know about Theresa May’s intentions for the UK.

The upshot of the article is that Theresa May’s trumpeted ‘great repeal bill’ will commit us to the EU procurement process and require large contracts to still be put through the EU procurement process.  This means we have to open contracts to EU countries and cannot state in the procurement process that only UK companies / British companies will be accepted on the tender list.  This keeps her Tory paymasters and MPs with large companies happy.  This is just one of thousands of examples of how her ‘great repeal bill’ means we can never be free of the EU despite her meaningless pontificating that ‘Brexit means Brexit’.

She is keeping us in by the back door.

I will be writing to her asking her to explain this to me and to the British public, copied to the usual suspects.

One thought on “Theresa May’s Great Repeal Bill is nothing of the sort. We may never be a sovereign nation.

  • We should have never trusted Theresa May. First she deliberately encouraged immigration when she was Home Secretary and gave us numerous sightings of her awful shoes. Now she is PM, she parades her CEO business husband, who works for a business firm. He also must be Remain like herself. Now we have even more numerous sightings of her in her expensive clothes and shoes. She has neither the face nor the figure to be even a pseudo model. The populace can barely afford cheap clothing so we are not impressed with her egotistical showing off. Get on with the job of getting us out of the EU completely Mrs May, no strings, no back door, just OUT. Cut out the delay tactics, the hordes of immigrants allowed in and paid handsomely. Stop the EU Ransom and foreign Aid. While giving all this money away, we are being deprived and stripped of the necessities. One more item, with all this money thrown around to all but us, the people, how much of a kick-back are the Remain politicians and businesses, like Branson, el al getting? Plenty of money for the gravy train and crumbs for the patriotic populace.


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