Cumbria Police fail to act on possible ‘Asian’ grooming gang complaints

A report has been posted by Anne-Marie Waters, Director of Sharia Watch, on the incident in Barrow in Furness and lack of police action.

Not only did the police not take action but they appear to have lied to a local reporter telling him the complainant didn’t want to pursue things further.  Police in West Cumbria should not only take such complaints seriously if received, but be seen to be doing so.

This is, if you read the news, typical of the police across the UK turning a blind eye to the problem and failing to deal with it for fear of being called ‘racist’.
A crime is a crime no matter who perpetrates it, and we should have one rule of law for all. If this is replicated across the whole of Cumbria Police it could have serious implications for policing and the safety of young girls in the county.

Disturbingly, the report was only found accidentally while browsing Twitter.

This matter has been reported to Jamie Reed and the Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner.

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