Douglas Carswell and a ‘Farage-style of Brexit’ : An open letter to Paul Nuttall

This letter is a response to comments made by our one and only MP Douglas Carswell to The Guardian Politics Live event on 14th December, about Brexit not needing to be ‘Farage-style’

douglas-carswell” Dear Paul,

As the new Press and Social Media officer for UKIP West Cumbria, I am appalled by Douglas Carswell’s comments reported in the Guardian.

I can hand on heart say that Douglas Carswell’s comments do NOT reflect the views of UKIP West Cumbria, nor I suspect any views of UKIP Members in Carlisle or Westmorland and Lonsdale.

Furthermore they also do not reflect any of the views held by thousands of UKIP members and supporters I am linked to on Facebook either directly or indirectly through membership of Brexit groups and UKIP-supporting groups.

If you allow Douglas Carswell to continue to laud Gina Miller and Theresa May publicly, the first of whom is (seemingly) trying to damage Brexit irreparably and the latter who has done nothing in the 5-6 months of office save issue hot air and empty promises, then you will lose your support. Theresa May has not done a good job so far.  So far, she has done no job at all, least of all on delivering Brexit.

Calls are being made on Facebook for Douglas Carswell to be sacked from the party as a result of the above.  If he continues in this vein, you will most likely be faced with a choice of supporting him or having no membership left.

We voted for a ‘Farage style of Brexit’.  Out means out.  Leave means Leave.  It means exit outright and forthwith, taking back our sovereignty, our laws, our waters, our land, our borders and not paying the EU one single penny ever again.  That is what we voted for.

If you wish to be taken seriously as the party of real change, then this matter needs to be dealt with and you need to ensure UKIP’s message is for a ‘Farage style of Brexit’ with no deviations. 

Otherwise you will have no party left.

Yours sincerely,

UKIP West Cumbria”

One thought on “Douglas Carswell and a ‘Farage-style of Brexit’ : An open letter to Paul Nuttall

  • I wholeheartedly agree with the tone of this letter. Carswell is a saboteur and should be told to piss off. He is no more a Kipper than T May is.


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