Roundup: A few other snippets of topical and trending news

In today’s mixed bag are Bob Geldof, Sir Ivan Rogers, David Davis, migrant integration in Europe, foreign aid waste, Douglas Carswell and the new EU Armed Forces HQ.

Bob Geldof, who hurled abuse from his boat at ‘Fishing For Leave’ boats on the Thames before the referendum, now says the EU is a failure.

Migrant integration is still going well in the EU, this time in Italy.  The EU’s actions – allowing in hundreds of thousands of unscreened African and Asian illegal migrants – has put its citizens deliberately at risk.  The EU leaders and the EU nations that allowed this are directly responsible for these crimes.

Sir Ivan Rogers, Ambassador to the EU, says it will take 10 years to remove ourselves from the EU.  Nigel Farage attacks him for yet more Brexit doom-mongering.  Sir Ivan is possibly more concerned that he will lose his job and taxpayer-funded salary after Brexit than the welfare of ordinary  UK citizens.

Head of the Armed Forces says jihadists are hiding in plain sight amongst the illegal migrants and refugees.  It’s only taken him and the Government 12 years to catch up to what Nigel Farage warned them was happening.

david-davisDavid Davis says that there’s no need for a hard border between North and South Ireland after Brexit. He says he can’t see people travelling all the way to Ireland to come in illegally to the UK.  Is this man a complete imbecile and living on the same planet as the rest of us?  The illegal migrants will travel any distance to take up free social housing and sit around getting taxpayer-funded benefits and free NHS treatment.  Mr Davis has been written to in fairly strong terms outlining how ridiculous this is and demanding a fully staffed hard border and a border force which does their jobs.

Free movement is not up for discussion, says Brexit Minister David Davis.  I think we will believe this when we see it.

Splits emerge in the EU after David Davis tells them migration is not up for discussion.  This can only be a good thing.

Douglas Carswell, our one UKIP MP, lauds Gina Miller and Theresa May, while saying Brexit does not need to be ‘Farage style’.  Douglas Carswell does not speak for UKIP members or supporters.  More to follow.

UK foreign aid is wasted on a useless airport on St Helena – money which would have funded 3 new 200-bed hospitals.  Theresa May’s foreign aid priorities come home to roost, perhaps.

French women fight back after being banned from the streets in French muslim no-go zones.

Jonathan Arnott MEP reports that an EU military HQ is passed, despite there being no plans for an EU Army.

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