Jamie Reed has resigned as Copeland MP, sparking a by-election

Jamie Reed (Labour) has today resigned as MP for Copeland constituency to take up a post as Sellafield’s Head of Development & Community Relations from January 2017.

jamie-reedMr Reed’s resignation has fuelled speculation that Ed Balls could run for the seat and make a return to politics.

Preparations are being made for a by-election and Paul Nuttall has been contacted by us regarding fielding a high quality UKIP parliamentary candidate.

Jamie had a slim majority of just over 2,500 votes in this marginal constituency.  As this is a big Brexit area, with 62% of voters voting to Leave the EU, there is a good chance for UKIP, given the right candidate.


3 thoughts on “Jamie Reed has resigned as Copeland MP, sparking a by-election

  • One down and the stat of the race to replace Labour. Who do we put up for MP in the bye-election-must be a local Cumbrian no “parachutes”. and this time a vigorous campaign, not the person left on their own or with little help.


  • Excellent news. Here’s hoping UKIP can capitalise on the BREXIT turnout locally and give the establishment political parties a severe kick in the teeth. It’s been long overdue and will hopefully result in UKIP winning it’s first real seat in Parliament.


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