Timetable for appointing a UKIP candidate to fight Copeland seat

Here is the latest information from UKIP’s candidates and vetting section:

Thank you for sending this for our information and for letting us know your concerns. However, it is important to make you aware that no candidate has been selected as of yet. 

There is an application process and all candidates from the 2015 general election plus the candidates who have recently undergone (and passed) the 2016 parliamentary assessment have been invited to apply. The deadline for applications is 3rd January with a hustings due to take place on the 6th. 

The branch will have the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidate which the NEC will take in to consideration.

Hustings will take place in or around the constituency. Thank you for your suggestions. 

Please trust the party to conduct a fair and democratic process without prior judgement.

Many thanks again and best wishes to you and your branch for Christmas and the New Year

Kind regards,

Kirstan Herriot
Candidates and Vetting

One thought on “Timetable for appointing a UKIP candidate to fight Copeland seat

  • Thank you for the information. I was not aware of the disagreement with Mike Pye and the branch. However, unless there is a better candidate I will vote for Mike. June A. Van Orman 22 Rose Beck Seaton, Workington CA14 1QF


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