Paul Nuttall declares fast Brexit as UKIP’s number 1 priority

Paul Nuttall has outlined the priorities for UKIP in 2017.

These include:

  • the repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act (without any triggering of Article 50, which is not needed)
  • campaigning to remove every MP who defies the will of the people over Brexit
  • supporting  the Armed Services
  • prioritising housing and welfare resources
  • ensuring that the NHS is not wide open to abuse by new arrivals who have never paid into the pot
  • tackling the (over-funded) disgrace that is foreign aid
  • the under-funding of social care for the elderly
  • poverty and the need for food banks
  • control of immigration, and
  • abuses of core British values in the name of multiculturalism

2 thoughts on “Paul Nuttall declares fast Brexit as UKIP’s number 1 priority

  • I 100% support Paul’s priorities. However, I would personally like to have seen dealing with the alleged 1.2 million illegal migrants that the Tories estimate are currently in the UK. And when I say deal with I don’t mean the Amnesty proposed by Boris the Buffon. These illegal invaders need rounding up and repatriating.

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  • Spot on Paul Nuttall. You’ve covered it well and this is what all us Leave the EU want and want it now. Theresa May has been dithering for far too long. It has been over 6 months since the referendum when it should have been less than a month. We will campaign vigorously to remove the unpatriotic Remain MPs, We wait for Freedom, free trade globally, control of our borders, our money and our laws. We cannot lose this wonderful opportunity while the PM and MPs delay over the Brexit progress. We the people are getting mighty angry.


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