Theresa May continues privatising the NHS where Cameron left off

The NHS is being privatised under your nose without you realising.  Does anyone think Richard Branson is running NHS services out of the goodness of his heart? 

Don’t be fooled, and keep your eyes open.  Theresa May’s actions are running the NHS into the ground and paying ever increasing shareholder profits.  How is paying shareholder profits in the interests of the UK public or the NHS?  Answer – it isn’t.  The removal of maternity services from West Cumberland Hospital is just a small visible tip of the iceberg.  What you should be protesting about is the undercurrent of huge multi-million pound contracts you’re not seeing, because Theresa May doesn’t want you to.

The government introduced the 2012 Health and Social Care Act so that NHS services could be contracted out to ‘any qualified provider’, including private companies.

The 2012 Act also removed the government’s duty to provide healthcare for everyone.  Remember that, it’s David Cameron’s legacy to the British people.

Did the British public agree to this?  Did they agree to pay National Insurance and taxes so the Government could duck its responsibilities to provide health care whenever it chooses?  I don’t think so.


One thought on “Theresa May continues privatising the NHS where Cameron left off

  • When are the people going to do something about these Remain politicians? These unpatriotic, selfish, egotistical, detached from the people and self-proclaimed rulers, are destroying the country, the NHS, the culture, the defense and anything else they feel like wrecking. They encourage and help untold numbers of unvetted Migrants to enter at random. They squander our money on the EU, Foreign aid and themselves. Isn’t it time we, the people, revolted by having a General Election? What have we got to lose? We’re losing everything we hold dear and our country anyway.


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