The Tories’ latest far far-fetched claim is that they ‘speak for the ordinary working people of Britain’

Right, let’s all have a good laugh at this extract from the latest email from the Conservative Party, whose claim bears in our opinion no resemblance to the facts.

“This is a serious time for our country. And we need a strong, united Government that will deliver on the things that matter to people.
This week Labour have proven they can’t deliver and have shown just how out of touch, chaotic and incompetent they are.
Five Days of Labour Chaos
On Monday, Labour said Jeremy Corbyn would give a speech in favour of controlling immigration.
On Tuesday, the Labour leader U-turned, saying that Labour will not take control over immigration; then told millions of strike-affected commuters he would stand with his union paymasters on the picket lines rather than stand up for them.
On Wednesday, Labour’s former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith told Corbyn’s team to “get your a***s in gear and stop embarrassing our party.”
On Thursday, Labour suggested that NATO should stop protecting Estonia from Russian aggression.
And today, Tristram Hunt – Labour MP and former shadow Education Secretary – announced he will quit Parliament.
The British people need a party who will speak for the ordinary working people of Britain and build a country that works for everyone. Labour can’t do it. Only the Conservatives will.”
 Now we certainly agree that Labour is in disarray, but to claim that the Conservatives ‘speak for the ordinary working people of Britain’?  In our opinion this is probably the most ludicrous claim they’ve made yet.

They ‘speak for the ordinary working people of Britain’ by, amongst other things:

  • under-funding and privatizing large chunks of the NHS right under your very noses without telling you this is what they are doing
  • blaming the NHS crisis on ‘old people’ when under-funding, chronic mis-management, delivering non-essential services (such as £23 million a year on translators, funding taxi fares, breast lifts and nose jobs) and allowing ludicrous levels of health tourism which is never paid for are right up there on the list of causes
  • increasing the pension age for women born after 1965 to 67 years.  How long before you’ll be dead before you get a state pension?
  • stalling on removing us from the EU when they could simply repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and have done it in a single day
  • sending OUR money overseas in foreign aid – which is £11 billion a year and rising.  This is more than they give our own councils to spend – aid which has delivered ‘no discernible benefit’ according to the recent audit of the Department for International Development (by the National Audit Office)
  • continuing to give OUR taxes to the EU at the rate of £11 billion per year – for them to spend two thirds of it propping up the poorer countries because we industrious Brits happen to be harder working and more creative, and make more wealth
  • putting poor communities under increased stress by importing refugees and putting them in the poorer areas such as Midlands, the north, parts of Wales and Scotland because the Tory controlled shires refuse to take them.  What they should be doing is imposing a fair sharing arrangement based on wealth and infrastructure, but that would put a lot of them in leafy Tory shires.
  • underfunding social care, forcing councils to close care homes at a time when social care is in complete crisis and the demand is going up every single day
  • under-funding the armed forces and border force, leaving this country wide open to abuse and attacks from people who would wish us harm.  The Border force has 3 ships for our coastline, where the Italians have 600 for theirs!
  • leaving homeless on the streets, in many cases our own war veterans who deserve so much better
  • allowing our soldiers to be prosecuted for war crimes for simply doing their jobs and following orders (in case nobody has noticed there is something in the Forces called a ‘chain of command’ but it’s always the people at the bottom who come off worst)
  • taxing small businesses into oblivion while allowing the large companies (and sometimes companies run or staffed by their friends and where Cabinet colleagues have an interest) to exploit offshore tax loopholes
  • allowing the judiciary to make increasingly questionable decisions which clearly are not in the interests of public safety and security, without the public having any form of redress or say in how judges are appointed or dismissed
  • failing to deal with failing prisons, other than privatise them. Which doesn’t solve the problems seeing as G4S lost control of HMP Birmingham only about a month ago and they had to have the riot police in.

When you look at this you wonder exactly what we pay our taxes for.  And why they keep going up. Every year the ordinary working people of Britain pay more and get less, while those at the top appear to pay less and get more.

Dear Conservative Party, how very ‘speaking for the ordinary working people’ that is.

One thought on “The Tories’ latest far far-fetched claim is that they ‘speak for the ordinary working people of Britain’

  • Whilst I agree with 99% of the above, I feel we should be spending more time showing how UKIP would handle the issues differently & more effectively.
    I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve always found attacking a policy without putting forward an alternative to be one of the major off-puts in politics.
    People I talk to agree there’s an awful lot needs to be done but the question they ask is where’s the money supposed to come from.
    Needless to say, taxing the working stiffs isn’t the preferred option.


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