Here’s how being in the EU has ‘benefitted’ the UK’s wealth and industry

This article outlines just a few examples of where EU funds have been used to export our jobs overseas.

Those of us who are old enough to remember life before the EEC and then the EU understand full well the devastating impact it has had on our economy, our industries and our communities.

Before we joined the EEC/EU we exported more to Europe than we imported.  Now we import almost twice as much as we export.

It’s also very clear to us that the EU funds – which we are the second largest net contributor to after Germany – are being (fraudulently) used to export our businesses overseas.

Here are 2 examples:

twinings-logoTwinings supplies tea to the Queen. It was one of the first companies to introduce tea-drinking to the English and holds royal warrants from the Queen and Prince Charles. The tea company was given a £10 million European grant – partly funded by the British purse – for a new factory in Poland. Its workers were told to train their Polish replacements before the closure of the UK factory.

Export of Ford Transit jobs to Turkey.  The European Investment Bank had a Meeting at the bank’s headquarters in Luxembourg in 2012 . Its 28 directors and 12 alternate directors signed off up to €190m of funding for a Ford Transit factory in Turkey. Three months later, on June 27, an eight year €100m (£80m) cheap loan was signed to upgrade the sprawling Ford Otosan factory in Koceali, specifically to make the next generation of Ford Transits. The significance of the loan was that Ford announced the closure of its Southampton factory.  Nigel Farage questioned why Chancellor George Osborne, A GOVERNOR OF THE BANK as one of the 27 countries that own it, allowed the loan to go ahead.

This article published by the Financial Times in 2010 shows how EU funds, paid for in large part by our taxes, has been used to send our jobs overseas to the EU. (If asked to get access by answering a few questions, please do, it’s worth it)



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