There are “laws against establishing a foreign power in England” – in this case the EU?

There are “laws against establishing a foreign power in England” – in this case the EU.  As taken from a website the link to which is at the bottom.  You should read this carefully.


In 1353 Edward III by his statute of Praemunire forbade appeals being made to foreign courts. Richard II who came to the throne in 1377 issued a Statute of Praemunire (16 Richard II II C5) which stated that anyone who procures from Rome or any other place any thing which touches the King, against him or his Crown or realm and all those aiding and abetting them shall be out of the King’s protection. Their goods and land would be forfeited and they would be made to answer to the King and his council and a process of Praemunire Facias made against them.

The learned constitutional lawyer, Blackstone, in Book 4, C8, states that Praemunire is “introducing a foreign power into the land and creating an Imperium in Imperio [State within a State] by paying obedience to other processes which constitutionally belong to the King alone.”

But although this is a general protection of the King, the constitutional lawyer Littleton states that Praemunire Facias also extends to the King’s loyal subjects and this particular protection is of two sorts, firstly it gives the subject immunity or freedom from action or suite and secondly to protect the safety of the subject and his goods, lands and possessions from violence, unlawful molestation and wrong. This the subject gains by right and by law. Subjects are protected by the King, by the law and by the King’s writ.


The European Communities Act of 1972 and the Treaty of Rome aims at destroying the British monarchy as soon as possible.

This is High Treason the penalty for which is death by hanging and this is still on the statute books. Likewise any subject of the Crown who knows that High Treason is being carried on and fails to report it is guilty of Misprision of High Treason, the penalty may be death: to deprive the Queen of her Crown or any of her dominions.

Article 189 of the Treaty of Rome is irreconcilable with the Oath of Allegiance. There is an absolute constitutional case that there is no statute authority for the executive acts that have bound the UK to the EEC, nor for the British Nationality Act. Both are contrary to the interests of the Crown and people.

The High Court of Great Britain disallowed an Act which was passed by our House of Commons and House of Lords and received the Royal Assent. This Act was the Shipping Act of 1988. The High Court referred the case to the European Court. This was the first case in the history of parliament that an Act passed by both houses of parliament with the Royal Assent and the regulations under it have been set aside. A British Court has interfered with an act of parliament in the interests of a foreign court. This is High Treason.

We can claim that the Queen carry out her coronation oath and protect us from alien and foreign-made laws.

We are legally not in the Common Market nor are we constitutionally a multi-racial multi-cultural society.

The Oath of Allegiance has been taken by members of parliament, Queen’s Councillors, members of the Judiciary, clergy of the Church of England and members of the executive yet many of them are working for our enemies, for a slave-state full of debt which our children will inherit. A charge of perjury of the Oath of Allegiance and High Treason must be laid against all those culprits who have allowed our government to be over-ruled by directives coming from beyond the seas – from foreigners in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Any attempt to take Scotland and England into the EEC is High Treason: “Depriving the Queen of her lands and titles.” All purported MEP’s are qualified for hanging. The basic statutes of the United Kingdom are still in force and are in conflict with growing foreign supremacy.

The full sovereignty of the United Kingdom is not now in the hands of the Queen; her powers have been handed over by a despicable traitor Edward Heath

Edicts and laws can be sent out from Brussels and Strasbourg which are enforced by traitors in the United Kingdom. European Law and Community Law is now destroying the respective laws and customs of the British realm and the very birthright of the British people.

High Treason: Laws Against Establishing a Foreign Power in England is published by the Heretical Press, ISBN 1-901240-15-0, 14pp.”

If this is correct then Theresa May should announce it in the public interest.  Such an admission, accompanied by an apology, and walking away from the EU immediately would mark her out as different.

I have written to Theresa May requiring her to explain this and why it would appear that  the last 44 years of government, including her own, have committed treasonous acts against the British people.

2 thoughts on “There are “laws against establishing a foreign power in England” – in this case the EU?

  • We are depending too much on our politicians, many of whom are unpatriotic and completely self-serving. Theresa May was a disaster as Home Secretary and so far with BREXIT ditto. We must hold all of the Traitors responsible. If it takes Resist – Revolt – Reform, then so be it, but we cannot and will not continue to be enslaved. Fight on for our country and ourselves. To destroy a country is to destroy its people and that is what is being done now to us by the EU and our own corrupt politicians and we cannot trust them blindly. To do so makes us accessories.


  • Statute of Praemunire (16 Richard II II C5) Regrettably repealed by Harol Wison:-The whole Chapter was repealed by section 13 of, and Part I of Schedule 4 to, the Criminal Law Act 1967 (this repeal extending to Northern Ireland).He claimed that it was “just a tidying up excercise”. It effectively opened the door for Ted Heath to sign us up to the “Common Market”. They both knew full well what they were doing.


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