Theresa May’s ‘shared society’ fairtytale fools no-one.

Theresa May,

keep-calm-were-in-safe-handsGo and tell your ‘shared society’ fairytale to:

  • the homeless
  • those who had their disability benefits cut
  • those who can’t get council housing (because the EU migrants and refugees jump the queue)
  • those who can’t get jobs
  • those people dying on hospital trolleys
  • those people who can’t get their state pensions when they were promised them
  • those who are being fleeced of all their money and assets by the social care system
  • people who can’t keep their treasured pets in care homes
  • the fishermen who have lost their livelihoods
  • the people who worked at the companies exported to the EU
  • the UK contractors you didn’t select to build our tanks
  • the people and communities affected by the Hs2 rail link
  • the doctors and nurses who go home and cry about the state of the NHS
  • and those let down by this country’s biased and inconsistent judicial system (including the 17.4 million Brexit voters).

While you’re at it, please explain to them why sending £11 billion to the EU and £11 billion on foreign aid every year will be in their best interests.  And why paying for MPs pay rises and gold-plated pensions, 60+ days a year off parliament and unlimited sick time is also in their best interests.

I’m sure they would all agree the Tories have done a fantastic job with a ‘shared society’.

The sick get sicker, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer on the Tories’ watch.

More empty words to placate the masses. T’was ever the same at the Home Office.  Your ‘shared society’ soundbite fools NO-ONE.

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