Cumbria County Council can’t justify its decision on Syrian Refugees?

Dear All,

I have had 2 predictably lacklustre responses from Cumbria County Council over their decision to impose 285 Syrian refugees on Cumbria. 

I have lodged a formal complaint with them about the quality of this response and told them I will refer this to the Information Commissioner if they don’t provide a full response within 2 weeks. I have also told them that their lack of evidence and therefore assumed lack of justification means the decision can be challenged in court.

In a nutshell:

  • they don’t know where they are going to put them
  • they aren’t going to consult with the community, they are just going to put them somewhere
  • they are mostly relying on the Home Office to do all the checking, checking we know is utterly flawed and bringing in single men, not vulnerable women and children
  • they haven’t clearly spelled out how much they will get from the government for putting refugees ahead of Cumbria residents in the social housing queue
  • they don’t have (or won’t admit to) any combined Cumbria data on social and demographic factors, housing waiting lists, availability of places etc to justify their decision
  • they don’t have any resettlement plan – or any plan at all apart from taking the government’s money, it would appear


A ‘Refugees Mark 2’ press release is being planned soon.


One thought on “Cumbria County Council can’t justify its decision on Syrian Refugees?

  • Of course Cumbria County Council doesn’t know or will not honestly tell you/us where they will place these immigrants, nor how much it will cost, nor if the police will be allowed to monitor/control them. The orders come from Brussels and the citizens of this country must obey or suffer the consequences. We do not count. Care homes are not turned over into asylums, property over to immigrants. First in the hospital queue for immigrants and so on and so on, never ending. There is our answer folks, we do not count at all. Over to you.


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